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Hello & Welcome!

Blossoming Emily Rose is a blog website from Nebraska, US, that has three main pages: Mental Health, Diary of Emily Rose, and Creative Corner.

Mental Health is all about posts on various self-help and self-improvement topics, including emotional issues, positive thinking, and self-esteem.

Diary of Emily Rose is all about posting various life experiences, including relationships, family, and my path to self-improvement as well as some random fun posts.

Creative Corner is all about expressing myself through posting my photography, poetry, and fiction stories.

My blog’s Mission Statement:

A place for compassion and understanding, I write as a means of expression and of spreading awareness. I strive to be helpful while being personable and entertaining.

Learn and grow with me as I share motivational mental health related articles, inspirational personal experiences, and my creative writing.

Meet the Author: Emily Thrasher is a single mom who has her bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She has two years of blog writing experience on her blogspot.com site which is no longer being updated because she has moved to her own domain and webhosting, launched on January 23, 2016. Read more on About Emily Rose.


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If you want to get a hold of me, contact me via email at blossomingemilyrose@gmail.com.